Optimise LinkedIn

Stop trying to sell in every post!

LinkedIn isn't just a platform to sell, take time to build relationships with people. You don't have to put a call to action on every post, sometimes it's good just to give an opinion or your valuable insights and ask whoever is reading for their thoughts. If someone kept ramming a sale at you how long would it take for you to become annoyed!?! Not very long! LinkedIn can be used for any type of post, your posts are just that...YOURS! If you feel you have to promote, self promote or sell with every post, you're getting it wrong and need to change how you are using the platform. People buy from people, you should be looking to post engaging content, sharing experiences, asking for help etc.


You're more likely to grow a loyal follower base that way and people (ideal clients included) will grow to like your posts organically and begin to take more of an interest in you. Create a 'content sandwich' - start by only posting once a week about your business and after a few months increase the amount of posts about your business to two in one week. Either way, break up the amount of times you post telling people the problem you solve and why they should choose you! People buy from People remember! Let them get to know you.

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