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What is Digital Sales Transformation?

‘Digital Transformation’ is the redesign of front-end client experience involving SEO, marketing automation, payment entry systems, websites, client service portals etc including the back-end internal processes such as financial reporting, stocklist etc. No matter how much ‘Digital Transformation’ your business goes through, people will continue to buy from people.


Digital Sales Transformation (DST) is more than just automating the workload of Sales and sales people. Whilst automation is a useful part of ‘digital transformation’ it doesn’t necessarily lead to more sales or build the client experience you want for your brand.


Implementing DST successfully requires a different approach, one that includes the people element of sales to work alongside the automation. DST increases the current and future pathways for businesses to sustain growth with a pipeline of consistent sales results.

DST is bringing together all elements of the Sales Process, finding what is relevant for your business and delivering sustainable Sales numbers to deliver future success. This includes optimising LinkedIn to make it work for you.


The core elements of successful DST include:

1. Understanding Client Behaviour

2. Re-Allocating Sales Resources

3. Analysing your Coverage, Quota and Compensation


4. Automating Workflows


5. Creating Data-Driven Sales Transformation

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