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Hashtags #

A common error most members make when posting on LinkedIn involves the use of hashtags. To some they just represent what it is they are talking about, however, for the optimised user they are a way of increasing their reach on the platform. LinkedIn's algorithm only computes the first three, yes three, hashtags on your post. This may come as a surprise to some but once you become familiar with using just three, you'll start to see the benefits of greater reach with your posts. Higher reach = more impressions = greater opportunities.

The simple rule to follow is to identify what hashtags are relevant to your ideal client. You can view hashtags and their followers by typing them into the search bar on LinkedIn. Once you have completed your hashtag analysis you should have three with a mixture in terms of amount of followers. One in the millions of followers, one in the 100's of thousands and one in the 10's of thousands.

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