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What is a LinkedIn engagement pod?

In a few words - a LinkedIn engagement pod is a group of people where everyone supports each other on the platform with mutual engagement. So to be part of a pod you will need to like and comment on others' posts but at the same time you will receive likes and comments as well.

There are two types of engagement pods?

There are manual pods and there are auto pods. 

The problem with manual pods is mainly in their title, they're M-A-N-U-A-L!

They are time consuming, you can only share at an agreed time between pod members and this can block out a large portion of your morning/afternoon depending on the pod times. You are also relying on everyone in the pod reciprocating during the initial hours of your post to help boost it's reach to ensure the pod is effective.

Hello auto pods

If you find manual pods labouring and find yourself spending a good hour or so just going through all the posts in the group then an auto pod is for you. Everyone who is a member of an auto pod will automatically like your post and leave a comment that you have previously prepared. You will also automatically leave a like and comment on others' posts in the pod, saving you all the time you would normally spend doing this in a manual pod. Auto pods guarantee the engagement from others in the pod in a timely fashion to help boost your post on LinkedIn. Your time can also be used to focus on your own quest for success because you can post at a time convenient to you and still receive the engagement you need.

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Why do you need a LinkedIn engagement pod?

LinkedIn has their own algorithm on how they boost posts.

Step 1 - LinkedIn shows your content to a small group of people

Step 2 - If they engage with your post LinkedIn starts showing it to all of your 1st connections and to friends of your friends

Step 3 - If 2nd and 3rd connections like or comment on your posts, your content will appear in their network as well

There is a lot of content on LinkedIn to display. LinkedIn prioritises all posts to show only the valuable and interesting ones. Why do they do this? Well if there are more great and valuable posts on LinkedIn, people will scroll and stay on the platform longer, this means LinkedIn will be able to show more ad's and in turn LinkedIn will earn more money.

LinkedIn monitor posts on engagement, and if a piece of content doesn't get a lot of likes or interest during it's initial few hours, it's likely it won't get it later.

You need to get initial engagement to conquer the content game.

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What are the benefits of an auto pod?

  • Save time with automated reciprocal liking and commenting of others posts - allowing you to spend more time on your business

  • Receive automated likes and comments on your post to super-charge your presence on LinkedIn with increased post views

  • Post at times convenient to you and still receive the engagement to improve your reach on LinkedIn

  • Never receive generic comments like 'Thank you for sharing' again

  • Create the meaningful comments you want on your posts

  • Provide additional information to your audience via your responses to the comments you previously prepared

  • High engagement = increased views, increased views means more potential new clients (depending on your content of course and your social selling ability)

  • Become a 'Thought Leader' in your network on LinkedIn