Optimise LinkedIn

Which imagery to use?

It's good to have a healthy balance of content. Text, Text with a photo, Text with a video, the list is endless. Gif's tend to work well in capturing attention. It's important to mix it up, change your colour palette so your post's look different and don't just turn into a blur! If you regularly post educational videos, which if used correctly can be classed as high value content, it may be worth posting a snippet and using a clever url tool to create interested leads for your business. LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer things like Smart Links, very clever addition to your content plan.


The content game is about attention, first up grabbing an audiences attention with a graphic of sorts as well as a good headline to your post. Once they're on your post using tools like Smart Links will direct potential leads to where you want them to be...in your DM's. There are other url type offerings to track content performance, Bitly works well, but again there are loads of options available. Just be sure to have the media match the worded content of the post or you end up just offering click bait for views...that's not effective.

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