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Polls aka Lead Generation tools

Just under a year ago LinkedIn allowed members (Company pages too) to create and share a Poll with their network. Whilst most users will ask their network a random question ‘Do you prefer tea, coffee or water in the mornings?’ there are more effective ways to use them to support lead generation for your business.


Of course the post itself needs to grab attention, Headline etc, but the poll can capture people from your ideal client audience and provide you with a rich source of where to take the conversation when you speak to them.


Come up with a few questions that directly target the challenges of your ideal client/current clients. Provide 4 possible answers (it’s the most you can use) of which make 1 option a buy signal to your expertise/offering and the last option a direct ‘Other’ or ‘It’s not important to me/us’


As you created the Poll, only you can see who has answered what. This provides an effective route to a follow-up with those answering your buy signal/s


If you specialise in leadership, management and organisation development and you created the below Poll, there are 2 answers to the question that should your ideal client answer you have reason to speak to them via DM.





Thank them for engaging in your post then ask questions, take interest in them and their current challenges and weave the conversation to the topic you want to know about – their answer.


In the example above the follow up to someone answering ‘Leadership/Management’ would be something like this;


‘Hi Dave

Thank you for engaging in my Poll today, much appreciated. How are the current restrictions effecting you?’


After a couple of niceties, go for it and create the lead. Something like this;


“I just want flick back to my Poll if that’s ok, does your business undertake Leadership/Management Development? If so does it have an impact business performance?


You can also use Polls to pick up conversation with those that choose other options and discuss best practise etc.


If an ideal client you’re not connected with engages, send them a personalised invite to connect. Thank them for engaging etc, offer to support them with your network etc and send the connection request.


So you see, Polls aren’t just for finding out what people drink in the morning, optimising your use of them can be a great lead generation tool for you to win more business in the future.

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Optimise LinkedIn