If you’re using LinkedIn to post content daily but not seeing any return on your investment of time and effort, this program is for you.


Optimising your use of LinkedIn to generate Sales is more than just posting rich content. 90% of the time you spend on LinkedIn should be away from refreshing your own dashboard to see how many views your post has had.


There are a host of actions that take place in the dark corners of the platform, we’ll shine the light to show you how to make LinkedIn work for you.


If we don’t succeed (we will), we’ll work for free until you do


What will you achieve participating in this programme that results in success?


Understand the psychology behind winning business on LinkedIn

How to connect with ideal clients and begin selling

How to build a content framework to deliver results

How to write content for results

How to message prospects for outcomes

How to generate leads for free

At least 1 new piece of business or we work with you for FREE until you do


What you’ll receive from us for participating in the programme?


Full profile built for success

Full integration of LinkedIn into your Sales Process

Full understanding of your client’s pains/challenges

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Support sessions

Digital replay of all sessions


What do we require from you?


Your attention

Your willingness to try different things

Your ideal client information

Your current sales process

The outcomes you deliver

Complete transparency

Your time – we’re teaching you to do this so you can learn, win and repeat


We believe in what we deliver, we guarantee success in transforming your Sales KPI’s on LinkedIn.


Book a strategy call with us and we will help you decide if this programme is for you.


Our work means something, we want it to mean something to you too.


Let’s make LinkedIn work for you together.

Full-Throttle Programme for Sales Success