To begin, let’s just clear one thing up very quickly…Your LinkedIn profile is not your online CV!


Your profile needs to be used to boost you and your business. How can it do that? By building trust with your potential clients of course!


Use your profile to showcase your expertise, the added value you offer and establish your authority. This is how you stay at the top of your ideal clients’ mind.

Without doubt one of the most important lessons you’ll learn reading this: regardless of your position. On LinkedIn we all have two target audiences:

  1. People (clients, prospect, recruiter, colleagues, social network)

  2. Machines (LinkedIn Search Engine, algorithm, Google indexation)

Your Headline needs to address your ideal client, their challenges and the outcomes you deliver for them -most people know this by now. But think keywords and SEO, a quick look at your Google Analytics report will help and then select 3 - 5 important search words that will help drive traffic to your profile.

Your About section needs to come in 3 parts, the initial intro, your experience and expertise and why you can be trusted to deliver. One thing that's worth noting, the end of your About section is the perfect place to display your personal (business) contact information. Note: do not send them to an 'info' or 'contact' email, give them the opportunity to contact you directly, a Calendly link is also a good idea to add in.

You'll do well to remember the above for your profile, think keywords and SEO when constructing your 'headline' and 'about' section.

Be sure to make use of the Featured section of your profile and every other section you can add, including adding media to your Work Experience section. You need to have a 'complete' profile to establish the All Star tag on your profile. All Star profiles are shown in more searches by LinkedIn.

A common mistake we see in profiles comes via the Background Photo. Refrain from sales pitches or adding contact details. Show something relevant to your work, expertise or industry. An interesting hobby maybe, ‘made this awesome picture while on holiday?’ This photo should be a conversation starter, it should make people curious. Interesting fact: Being in the picture yourself increases your credibility on LinkedIn.

We have identified 25 strategical points that will leverage the power of your personal brand on LinkedIn. Get a copy of our Profile Optimisation Guide for £19.99 from our Solutions section.

If you're taking LinkedIn seriously and trying to make LinkedIn work for you, an opitimised profile is a must.

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